Join GRAHN-Monde

There are two ways to join GRAHN-Monde :

  • By becoming member of an already existing chapter, which requires filling out a membership form :
    - REGULAR MEMBERS, online or paper (PDF);
    - INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERS, online or paper (PDF);
  • By creating a chapter in your area, your country, your department of your province, where appropriate, which requires filling out a new chapter opening form, online or paper (PDF).


Member benefits and rights :

  • Voting rights during assemblies;

  • Right to elect those in charge;

  • Right to participate in meetings and committees;

  • Right to be informed about all activities;

  • Right to a discount on the admission fee to paying activities;

  • Right to access to all GRAHN publications.


The chapters assume the following roles:

  • Diffusion and sharing information

  • Animation

  • Promotion

  • Orientation

  • Proposal

  • Representation

  • Implementation

  • Follow-up

  • Evaluation

  • Feedback

  • Recruitment.